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A college graduate and you're doing Magic Shows?



I began my performing career at the age of 11. I started off doing  magic shows for birthday parties, summer camps, libraries, and at the  local zoo. As I got older (and better), I started performing at bars,  restaurants, corporate parties and Universities.

During  college, at the University of Texas, I worked with touring illusionists  C.J. Johnson and Brian Brushwood as their traveling tech help. Once I  graduated, C.J. approached me and asked if I would like to help him start a  Game Show business. Who could say no to that opportunity?

The  Magic and Game Show business has taken me all around the world. I've  gotten to perform in Las Vegas, on Cruise Ships, at Casinos, on TV and  for Hollywood celebs. I am excited because my journey is just getting  started. I look forward to each day as a new adventure and am always thankful as I make my way  through this amazing life.



I've gotten to perform everywhere from living rooms to international television. Beautiful theaters, ballrooms, trade show floors, festivals, night clubs, and everywhere in between!

Magic is a great equalizer


No matter your age or background magic is a way we can all share in the feeling of wonder. My hope is that everyone who sees my show walks away a better and happier person.

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